I currently teach sociology, political science, film, and history at the College of the Marshall Islands in Majuro.

I am Argentinian by birth and also a German citizen. I was born in Pergamino, province of Buenos Aires in 1973 and have lived in Germany since 1996, where I studied political science and did my doctorate in philosophy. For a long time I was active in the free radio scene, coordinating media work during various global and national social protests. Since 2012 I work as a director within the filmmaking collective of kameradisten.org. We have created countless short films and three feature films (“ Sachamanta“, “ No Rest. No Haste.“, “ One Word“) that have been shown in cinemas and on streaming services and have won numerous awards. We are currently working on our fourth feature film “ Finding Europe“.

What all these films have in common is the search for justified hope in an unjust world.

I started teaching while I was still studying. I taught political and media topics at the universities of Cologne and Rostock, later at the Alice Salomon College, Berlin and most recently at the Weissensee Academy of Art in Berlin. Together with the kameradisten.org I also gave a large number of seminars and workshops for free educational institutions, trade unions, social projects and political alliances from the progressive spectrum.

I am fluent in Spanish, German and English and consider myself an expert in the field of participatory filmmaking and social media work. In addition to directing, I am a camerawoman, a sound engineer and an editor.

I believe that making media has an enormous social function. The media can dominate, dumb down, manipulate or humiliate people, or they can liberate, emancipate and strengthen them. With my work I want to help people to put themselves on the right side with media work – the side of humanity.